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            ammonium sulphate granular

                  Data:2019-11-01 10:15:22

            Ammonium Sulfate Granular

            Data:2019-10-24  12:25:23

            Product Description:

            Ammonium Sulphate

            CAS NO:7783-20-2

            EINECS MO:231-984-1



            White or liggu-colored granular,solubie in water(acidic aqueous solution),insoluble in ethanlo or acetone,adsorpion and release ammonia when acting with alkali.


            (一)Caprolactam grade:byproduct of caprolactam

            Usage:Mainly used as fertilizer for various soils and crops.

            (二)Ammonium pyrosulfate:byproduct of coking.

            Qualiy standard:N-≥21%:Water-≤1%.

            Usage:main used for making compound ferilizer.


            Technical specifications(China National Standard GB535-1995)


            NOTE:When the ammonium sulphate is for agriculture,it is not necessary to check the conthnt Fe,As,heavy metal or water insolubles.




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